6 May, 2021

Hand-built organic waste composting model from the students of Green Boarding Club

With the advantage of having unused vacant land, GreenHub oriented and supported Phu Yen Ethnic Minority Boarding High School to build a model of composting organic […]
6 May, 2021

Phu Yen Zero Waste: Numbers lay the bulding foundation for a waste reduction model at the Ward 7 market

Following the pilot models at hotels and schools implemented in 2020, GreenHub aims to reduce 25% of the total amount of waste generated in Ward 7 […]
9 March, 2021

How hard is working agriculture during the Covid season?

Like every other profession, Agriculture is no exception to the impacts of COVID-19. As a result, the global product supply chain is broken, farmers are the […]
10 February, 2021

5R Rule – Eat during Tet

New Year’s Day is coming, we wish each other Another year of prosperity and happiness Wherever you go, remember This New Year’s Eve has 5 Rs […]