Internal News

13 August, 2021

Buổi họp chính thức đầu tiên của Mạng lưới Nhựa & Sức khỏe

Với mong muốn lan toả và kết nối các bên liên quan cùng hành động vì nhựa và sức khoẻ, ngày 13/8 vừa qua, buổi họp […]
10 August, 2021

Practice in reducing plastic and waste

In practice, people have been conscious of garbage classification. However, this is not evaluated well and it varies between provinces. People often use disposable plastic products […]
27 July, 2021

Training program “Enhancing business capacity for ethnic minority women” & Competition “Seeds to promote business”

Within the framework of the project “Promoting Lao Cai female enterprises to expand their business”, the Women’s Union of Lao Cai province cooperates with local advisors […]
21 July, 2021

Launching the Training Program “Developing from Internal Strength” with GreenHub

“The direction for a sustainable journey out of poverty is to develop one’s own internal resources” – That is the central content of the “Development from […]