Marine Debris & Plastic Pollution

In Vietnam, economic development, together with urbanization and lifestyle behavior change, have led to a plastic pollution crisis. In the last two decades, this country witnessed a surging increase in plastic use, which grew from 3.8 kg/capita in 1990 to 41 kg/capita in 2015 (MONRE, 2020), and then to 81 kg/capita in 2019 (IUCN-EA-QUANTIS, 2020). Approximately 72% of used plastic becomes waste (equivalent to 58 kg of waste/capita/year). According to the survey result of GreenHub (2021) in World Bank’s project in 10 coastal cities and provinces across Vietnam, 93,6% of waste leaking into the environment is plastic.

Confronting this national crisis, the Vietnam Government has determined to reverse the problem of plastic pollution in general and marine plastic litter in particular. Those determinations are most clearly expressed in the promulgation of the National Action Plan for Management of Marine Plastic Litter by 2030 and the principles, the legal frameworks in the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mechanism for businesses in Vietnam. Contributing to plastic pollution and marine debris reduction, GreenHub implements campaigns for raising public awareness and strengthening local people’s capacities in plastic waste management, concomitant with researching, evaluating and quantifying marine waste, and plastic pollution, marine debris monitoring program and coastal clean-up campaigns.

25 June, 2022

How did LSPP project and the children at the Dinh Quan Pagoda’s retreat learn about plastic?

Children are the pillars that create the future of the country. Therefore, helping children learn about plastics and use them properly is also how we prepare […]
16 June, 2022

Closing the first phase of the contest “Bac Tu Liem women join hands to reduce plastic waste”

On the morning of June 16, the award ceremony, preliminary ceremony of the contest “Bac Tu Liem women join hands to reduce plastic waste” phase 1 […]
10 June, 2022

Call for Co-organizer of the Plastic Reduction Initiative contest

Detailed information: Deadline: 17/06/2022 From 06 – 08/2022, within the framework of the “Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution” (LSPP) project, the Plastic Reduction Initiative contest […]
7 June, 2022

A sustainable journey without plastic waste at Cham Islands

On June 6, Hoi An City Women’s Union, in collaboration with the Centre for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub), organized a program to launch the “Say no […]
6 June, 2022

New step in reducing plastic waste in schools in Da Nang

On the morning of June 6, the People’s Committee of Cam Le District (Da Nang City), in collaboration with the Centre for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub) […]
24 May, 2022

E-motion – Miniseries Tach Nhua – Ep 5 – Students’ minimalist lifestyle (Part 3): Simplify the refrigerator

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17 May, 2022

E-motion – Miniseries Tach Nhua – EP 4 – Students’ minimalist lifestyle (Part 2): Tips to decorate minimalist rooms

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17 May, 2022

Sharing of Women’s Union in Bac Tu Liem district after the training

Recently, the Women’s Union of Bac Tu Liem district conducted a training to improve knowledge on garbage collection, classification, and treatment of organic waste in some […]