Training on recycling single-use plastic products

Have you ever thought of discarded cans, milk tea cups, sugarcane juice cups, even boxes of instant noodles – which were previously only used once and then thrown away, have now been created a new life cycle, becoming flower pots, bowls, animals and fun decorations.

Flowerpots recycled from single-use plastic products

The story continues the “Creating a life cycle for waste”, joining hands to contribute to the journey of “Incubating the garbage to bloom”, as well as following the success of the model of recycling panels and brick ties of the Ha Long City Women’s Union, Green Development Support Center continues to search for new ideas and models with the desire to both reduce the burden of plastic waste in the environment and create more jobs for local women.

GreenHub keeps looking for new recycling ideas and models

On December 8, GreenHub cooperated with the Ha Long City Women’s Union to organize a training session for nearly 60 women in the Ha Long City Women’s Union on the reuse of single-use plastic products which seem to be thrown away immediately after use, to create products of art and applicability in life, thereby creating a new life cycle for waste.

Lan Anh – Lagreens trained to reuse single-use plastic products
Women of the Women’s Union of Ha Long City participated in the training session

Not only with the effort and desire to reduce waste, but GreenHub also wishes to spread the message of reducing consumption, limiting waste, towards a green lifestyle, living a minimalist life and living in harmony with nature.

Practice making recycled products
Practice making recycled products

Green Development Support Center would like to thank Ms. Lan Anh – Co-Founder of Lagreens Art Recycling Center for sharing and accompanying the training session.

At the same time, we would like to especially thank the women of the Women’s Union of HaLong Province together with GreenHub in the mission of “Creating a foundation, connecting the community to practice green lifestyle, green production” and vision “For a green Vietnam”.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha – GreenHub Program Officer shares activities, initiatives and ideas within the framework of the PAN project that will be implemented in Ha Long

The PAN project is funded by Coca – Cola Foundation and will continue with new activities, initiatives and ideas. Let’s follow us!!!