CSER & Environment Education

GreenHub works with corporations, schools and the private sector to create tailored corporate social environmental responsibility (CSER) programs to improve responsible practices, with many organisations opting for an initial focus on internal waste management practices. This has taken the following forms:

• Interactive programs addressing sustainable development specifically designed for organizations and staff. Activities have included outdoor cleanups, education on reusing plastic materials, and the introduction of sustainable products.

• Public talks or seminars by GreenHub staff, creating opportunities to share knowledge and ideas on issues such as waste management or sustainable agriculture

• Corporate waste audit services, assessing the primary sources of waste production and the identification of key areas to reduce organisational waste, recycle products and more

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20 July, 2023

ZHub Newsletter Q2/2023

Link Newsletter Q2/2023: https://greenhub.org.vn//wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Newsletter-ZHub-Q22023.pdf With the efforts of ZHub members, volunteers, sponsor, partners and friends; During the past time, ZHub has made steady progress on the […]
30 June, 2023

Explore Bat Trang ceramic village with GreenHub and APD (Academy of Policy and Development) students

GreenHub, APD students and lecturers of the Faculty of Business Administration had a meaningful experience at Bat Trang Ceramic Village. Every moment of the trip is […]
29 June, 2023

Experimental School of Education Science in Ha Noi promulgates “Regulations on implementing the Zero Waste school program”

GreenHub continues to pioneer Zero Waste in Hanoi by working with partners to promulgate Regulations on implementing the concept of Zero Waste Schools in Hanoi, in […]
21 June, 2023

Training compost skills in barrel for students of Trung Yen Primary School

Recently, GreenHub cooperated with Trung Yen Primary School in (city) to organize a student training session on using compost bins for XXXX. With the aim of […]
20 June, 2023

The 1st anniversary of cooperation ZHub – Trung Yen Primary school in Ha Noi capital

On May 15, ZHub and Trung Yen Primary School commemorated the 1st anniversary of cooperation in implementing te conceot of a “Zero Waste School.” At the […]
6 June, 2023

Experience camp event 2023

On April 7th, Experimental School of Education Science cooperated with the Centre for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub) to successfully hold the Experience Camp Day with the […]
7 April, 2023

Chương trình tập huấn nâng cao nhận thức của sinh viên Phenikaa về Trường học không rác

Vừa qua, Trung tâm Hỗ trợ Phát triển Xanh (GreenHub) đã hợp tác cùng với Trường Đại học Phenikaa tổ chức Tập huấn Nâng cao nhận […]
27 March, 2023

Zero waste practice at the Experimental Pedagogy Science Primary, Secondary and High School, Hanoi

After nearly 1 year of implementing activities on practicing of waste classification and waste treatment at the Experimental Pedagogy Science Elementary, Middle and High School (Experimental […]