CSER & Environment Education

GreenHub works with corporations, schools and the private sector to create tailored corporate social environmental responsibility (CSER) programs to improve responsible practices, with many organisations opting for an initial focus on internal waste management practices. This has taken the following forms:

• Interactive programs addressing sustainable development specifically designed for organizations and staff. Activities have included outdoor cleanups, education on reusing plastic materials, and the introduction of sustainable products.

• Public talks or seminars by GreenHub staff, creating opportunities to share knowledge and ideas on issues such as waste management or sustainable agriculture

• Corporate waste audit services, assessing the primary sources of waste production and the identification of key areas to reduce organisational waste, recycle products and more
27 July, 2022

Seminar “Promoting the circular economy” and MoU signing event between GreenHub and Academy of Policy and Development (APD)

The program on July 26 organized by Greenhub and APD was successfully held with 2 main events: The seminar on “Promoting the circular economy” and the […]
28 April, 2022

Final Round: Searching for Warrior of Words – Spreading the Green Message

The final round of the contest “Searching for the Warrior of Words – Spreads the Green Message” was conducted on April 23, 2022, with the participation […]
4 April, 2022

ZHUB – Results of Experience Camp: “Zero Waste School and more”

On March 25, 2022,  ZHub’s Experience Camp: “Zero Waste School and more” took place at the Experimental School of Education Science (ESES) with the enthusiastic participation […]
25 March, 2022

Experience Camp: Zero Waste School and More

On March 25, 2022 morning,  ZHub’s Experience Camp: “Zero Waste School and More” was held at the Experimental School of Education Science (ESES) with great success with […]
16 January, 2022

Contest “What’s Garbage In My House?”

Last week, GreenHub, ZHub cooperated with the Experimental School of Education Science to organize the contest “What’s Garbage In My House?” for teachers to participate. The […]
10 November, 2021

Science Film Festival 2021 – Goethe-Institut Vietnam

The Science Film Festival is a celebration of science communication in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Held since 2005, the […]
21 August, 2021

GreenHub & Goethe Institute – Promising cooperation opportunity for green development

Cooperation activities of GreenHub – Goethe Institute GreenHub is delighted to have signed a collaboration agreement with the Goethe-Institute as part of the International Cooperation on […]
9 October, 2020

Launching “Green School, Blue Ocean” Contest

Become an “inspirational person” with GreenHub with just one story?  You don’t have to do something big or bring in supernatural powers to change the world, maybe with […]