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Nature Conservation

Join the fight for Green Earth

Vietnam has a wealth of ecosystems, key biodiversity areas, and world-recognized “Biological Hotspots” with a network of more than 150 protected areas, 30 national parks, 9 biosphere reserves and 8 world natural heritages. The Indo-Burma Hotspot in which Vietnam’s ecosystems are located is ranked in the top 10 biodiversity hotspots internationally for irreplaceability, and in the top five for threat level. Vietnam itself has 116 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) in this area. Nature restoration and conservation challenges remain immense in physical and institutional contexts, despite continuing initiatives by government, civil society and progressive partnerships with the private sector.

GreenHub is environment and people-oriented focused, and our nature conservation actions are linked to every project. Building on this through joint community actions, environmental education, youth engagement and media messaging, we continued to highlight and advocate the importance of nature restoration to human and environmental health and economic advancement.

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