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Initiative: Pioneering Company, Community & Consumer Responsibility in Plastic Waste Reduction in Vietnam

Marine Debris & Plastic Pollution

Project Details

Project Title:Initiative: Pioneering Company, Community and Consumer Responsibility in Plastic Waste Reduction in Vietnam
Geographic cover:EPR component: Nationwide
Demonstration:Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city
Duration:2022 - 2025


Implementer:Winrock International
Sub-awardee: Center for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub)
Co-implementer:E-policy Consulting Company Limited


The initiative goal is to empower the establishment of a functioning system of EPR for plastic packaging waste through multi-skateholder dialogues of an effective National Platform and pilot projects that demonstrate economic, social and envionmental success.

Intervention activites

- Advancing and Influencing the EPR National Platform: the national engine for collective engagement

- Applying a collective impact approach in co-designing and providing technical support for the implementation of the pilot models \

- Applying Information Technology Solutions