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Impact Areas

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4 Impact Areas of GreenHub

GreenHub is a nonprofit organization that enables sustainable communities.

We do this by developing and implementing effective, evidence-based practices which help us to achieve sustainable livelihoods, promote eco-friendly development and create resilient communities. We offer technical expertise and consulting services to partners and community members to assist them with community development and capacity building and to ensure our impact can be sustained by the communities we work in.

We cultivate partners and connect community members to resources that improve their lives and environments. We share our experiences and insights to advocate for policies that advance Vietnam’s green growth and development.​ We effect change in the following areas:​

Marine Debris
& Plastic Pollution

In Vietnam, economic development, together with urbanization and lifestyle behavior change, have led to a plastic pollution crisis to enviroment...

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Along with economic development & urbanization, the amount of solid waste generated in Vietnam has steadily increased at an annual rate of about 10%...

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Inclusive Business &
Sustainable Agriculture

Vietnam’s agriculture sector is a many-sided contributor to the national economy,not only in delivering food and nutrition but also in employing over 27 million persons...

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Vietnam has a wealth of ecosystems, key biodiversity areas, and world-recognized “Biological Hotspots” with a network of more than 150 protected areas ...

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