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A training session on organic composting of ZHub and experimental school of education science

On the afternoon of September 21, 2023, ZHub coordinated with the School Administrator of ESES to provide an organic composting training session to improve understanding of organic waste treatment skills using the tube composting method in schools. Moreover, the training also connects with students as well as creates opportunities for them to learn and improve composting skills in tube at school, thereby maintaining the sustainable Zero-waste school model.

The training session attracted instructors, student representatives and subject teachers participating in coordination support. Before the practical phase, the students learnt about the composting process in tubes from the murals that ZHub had created. Then, the students were divided into groups to perform different tasks in the composting process.

The training session was successful in a vibrant atmosphere and enthusiastic response from the students. At the end of the training session, all the students received gifts and took photos. ZHub promises to bring more practical and useful experiences in the future.

Now let’s look back at the meaningful moments of the training session!