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With more than 1 month of preparation, 1 week of urgently collecting, and 2 days of hard working from 5am to 12pm, Ha Noi – Quang Ninh journey created the recycled arts. The discarded waste was turned into the cute and useful thing in its second life.

Under the cooperation of Coca-Cola sponsor, partners, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam’s students who have never once got tired, the artists and designers who were still engrossed in attaching trees to the recycling gate even midnight, we did  sent the message “Turn garbage into resources” to the community.

Bottle recycling gate
Product displayed by Ha Long Women’s Union
Eco- friendly products

The journey of the 2019 Recycling Festival has ended. Once again, GreenHub would like to thank everyone who has always been watching, accompanying and supporting GreenHub’s activities, events and projects!