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The 1st anniversary of cooperation ZHub – Trung Yen Primary school in Ha Noi capital

On May 15, ZHub and Trung Yen Primary School commemorated the 1st anniversary of cooperation in implementing te conceot of a “Zero Waste School.” At the event, both stakeholders reviewed the positive results achieved in the model and affirmed their efforts to promote the model further. contributing to raising the awareness of environmental protection in school and the whole community.

Vice Principal of Trung Yen Primary School, Mrs. Hoang Thu Hang, shared that the waste reduction model at the school is heading in the right direction and gained important achievements. The afternoon tea gifts of students are now contained in -baskets instead of single-use plastic bags, 36 plastic bags for each meal being saved. The amount of unnecessary plastic waste has been reduced considerably! Other generated waste such as milk cartons is also collected by the students for recycling.

Through activities and practical training sessions, ZHub has raised students’ and teachers’ environmental awareness, helped them understand the harm caused by waste and provided training on how to classify and treat This effort has effectively supported the improvement of professional and practical knowledge, promoting the autonomy of waste reduction solutions at Trung Yen Primary School.

After the event, ZHub and Trung Yen Primary School representatives signed a Memorandum of Agreement for a “hand over” and receive facilities to serve the committed goal of maintaining the model of a “Zero Waste School” in the future.

ZHub hopes that through the demonstrated positive changes of Trung Yen Primary School, we can all join hands in implementing a green lifestyle, strongly spreading environmental protection actions to our communities!