Biological dishwashing liquid model and prerequisites for pilot models.

The model of producing biological dishwashing liquid from fruit peels of the Women’s Union of Binh Ngoc commune, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province has been approached by GreenHub at the first onset. Center for Supporting Green Development together with Ms. Hong – Chairwoman of Binh Ngoc Commune Women’s Union – built a suitable model for local women.

GreenHub introduced and trained the method of incubating fruit peels as a raw solution, and also provided some samples of concentrated biological cleaning solutions such as nano silver for testing and mixing into a complete detergent.

Training session at Phu Yen Province (2019)

In addition, GreenHub also oriented the women on communication methods and output information for products. On this basis, the local women quickly learned more from many sources to improve the product to reduce the sour smell, and build an effective sales system.

Up to now, the model has achieved the economic element at the basic sustainable level. Every month:

  • The model has helped to consume 500-600 liters of biological detergent, equivalent to about 180kg of fruit peels, specifically orange peels. Ingredients are collected by women at stalls and shops selling orange juice in the city.
  • The business model in the commune has 5-6 women, the average monthly income from this activity is about 2-3 million VND/person.
  • In addition, there are women in other districts and towns such as Song Hinh, Son Hoa, Tuy An, Tay Hoa as collaborators to sell products. Apart from the local market, the product also reaches other provinces such as Ho Chi Minh City, Khanh Hoa province, …

In Vietnam in particular and in the world in general, many pilot models have been formed to solve social problems, especially environmental issues. However, not all pilot models can be maintained in the long term, especially when they no longer receive support from scientific and social organizations. With the results achieved by the Women’s Union, it will be a solid foundation for economic development as well as raising awareness of environmental protection.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Hong answering interview

Because of these benefits, the Women’s Union of Binh Ngoc Commune, Tuy Hoa City determined to expand the production’s scaling of dishwashing liquid to meet the needs of the market, contributing to further reducing waste

This is a lesson learn that marks the successful beginnings of the women of Binh Ngoc Commune, with the support of the local government and GreenHub, the development and replication of this model in Phu Yen province in particular, and Vietnam in general, is completely believable.