Business training for Ha Long Women’s Union

The “circular economy” is currently considered a preeminent economic model, associated with the goal of sustainable development by a closed cycle, limiting the amount of resources used input and the amount of waste generated, meeting the requirements of solving current environmental problems. For businesses in Vietnam, along with profits and growth, sustainable development, resource utilization and waste reduction are also a big problem to pose.

On January 13-14, GreenHub cooperated with the Ha Long City Women’s Union to organize a business training session for the core group of women in the association on improving the capacity of businesses and business model of recycled products. Taking place in just 2 days in Quang Ninh province, GreenHub had cozy meetings to share and provide basic knowledge about business models, effective business thinking and “dare to be different, dare to take the lead” for members of the association.

With the initial purpose of improving local capacity and generating sustainable income, GreenHub also hopes that the activities within the framework of the PAN project “Network of Actions to Reduce Plastic Waste” can be replicated throughout Quang Ninh province, further extending the effort to spread green lifestyle and production to regions of the country.

We would like to sincerely thank the women of Ha Long Province Women’s Union for accompanying GreenHub in the mission of “Creating a foundation, connecting the community to practice green lifestyle, green production”.

The activity is within the framework of the project “Building a “Plastic Action Network” and Linkages with Government, local businesses, Youth and Women to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle (3Rs) Plastic Waste in Vietnam (PAN project) is funded by Coca-Cola Foundation.