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Contest “What’s Garbage In My House?”

Last week, GreenHub, ZHub cooperated with the Experimental School of Education Science to organize the contest “What’s Garbage In My House?” for teachers to participate.

The contest has obtained extremely interesting results:

  • Average number of pieces of garbage per family of a secondary school teacher in a day is counted: 13 pieces/household/day
  • Organic waste and difficult-to-recycle plastic make up the largest proportion of the audited wastes of secondary school (42% and 32%).
  • Low-value plastic packaging is often encountered in the process of counting garbage: cake shells, candy, snacks, food wrap, plastic …

From those results, teachers and families have experienced and learned knowledge related to garbage classification and types of waste commonly found in daily life. In particular, this is an opportunity for teachers to see what kind of waste their family is emitting into the environment and take action to reduce such waste.

GreenHub & ZHub would like to express our sincere thanks to the Experimental School of Education Science for actively participating with ZHub in this contest. We hope that through this contest, teachers and parents have gained better knowledge and perspective on garbage classification in our lives.

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