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E-motion – Miniseries Tach Nhua – EP 4 – Students’ minimalist lifestyle (Part 2): Tips to decorate minimalist rooms

Continuing the 3 podcast episodes with interesting topics, let’s “uncover” the story of the two students’ economical and minimalist room decoration in episode 04. Surely this is also a common concern of many young people who are taking care of their small rooms in big cities. How can we decorate our room to save money?

All answers will be in this podcast’s 15-minute chat.

“PlasPics Hunter” contest is organized by For Vietnamese Stature Foundation (VSF), Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance (VZWA), and the Center for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub). The contest is one of the collaboration activities among the Plastics and Health Action Partnership (PHA) members, funded by The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Duy Tan Plastic Company and Vietcycle Corporation.