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Experience camp event 2023

On April 7th, Experimental School of Education Science cooperated with the Center for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub) to successfully hold the Experience Camp Day with the participation of nearly 1000 students and teachers. 

Waste classification is a daily activity practiced by students at this school. This activity becomes even more special when students of all grades participate in 4 camps named 4 elements of nature: “Earth”, “Water”, “Air”, “Forest” – corresponding to four currently seriously polluted fields. At each camp, participants need to take up the challenge of jumping sacks, sorting waste and remembering the message about protecting the environment. This challenge requires solidarity among a group, agility and good memory to simultaneously memorize the message, classify the garbage and jump the sack as fast as possible. 

This activity has reinforced students’ knowledge of waste classification and understanding of its effects on the environment.

Many presents were given along with environmental protection messages. ZHub hopes that the Experience Camp Day program is not only an extracurricular session to raise awareness of environmental protection but also an opportunity to spread the message of a zero-waste lifestyle.

ZHub sincerely thanks for the support from the School Administrator and the enthusiastic participation of the students from Experimental School of Education Science.