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“Go Green 2022” campaign with Marie Curie’s students

On the morning of 14th July, Marie Curie’s students participated in the “Go Green 2022” campaign, held by Marie Curie school in collaboration with An Sinh company and GreenHub. The students have actively collected plastic bottles from their homes, some even collected at restaurants, football fields… even during summer vacation.

When the teacher announced that the program to exchange plastic bottles for gift vouchers was about to take place, Minh Chau (5A) was very excited and immediately thought of a way to collect bottles.

“I took some empty bottles from my mom’s car. For the rest, I ask relatives and neighbors. I collected about 40 bottles. When I talked about this meaningful program, everyone in my family was very supportive. My grandmother also encouraged me to actively participate in order to both protect the environment and have the opportunity to receive many vouchers to buy a bag for my cousin,” she said.

Minh Chau also often recycles plastic bottles into lovely products such as vases, and airplanes…

With 80 bottles, Hai Phong (class 6A) can exchange 4 vouchers. To get these plastic bottles, he asked his father to get them from the restaurant. “The program is very useful, helping us to gain awareness of protecting the environment for a better life,” he shared.

Holding a bag with nearly 30 plastic bottles, My Tien (class 3A) patiently waited in line to exchange gifts. She “revealed”, that after sharing information about the program with her family, her father went to the football field to collect bottles for his daughter. My Tien was very happy and felt grateful to her father.

She excitedly shared: “Normally, I rarely use plastic bottles. After today, I will remind my relatives and friends to limit the use of plastic bottle to protect our environment.”

Having only been a student of Marie Curie for a short time, the 1st-grade MCers have enjoyed going to school every day and participating in extra-curricular activities.

Lan Anh (homeroom teacher of class 1M2) shared: “When I announced the program to collect plastic bottles, not only students but also parents were very supportive and enthusiastically participated. Today, a student couldn’t go to school because of sickness, but her mother sent the Marie Curie’s bus plastic bottles she collected to bring to school, asking me to exchange it for a gift.

I hope that this activity will be carried out regularly at Marie Curie or create a “plastic bottle collection station” on campus so that everyone can form a habit of protecting nature, which is also protecting the lives of all species”.

Mr. Trong Huy (An Sinh company) said: “It is known that over the years, Marie Curie School has had a lot of activities to protect the environment. So when we launched this program, the school agreed to cooperate.

Although it is in the summertime, the program has received a positive response and participation from students, staff, teachers, and parents of the school. This makes us have more expectations about the spirit of environmental protection of the young generation”.