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GreenHub and the leaves – Park 1

Today we would like to introduce the “frontline” leaves of GreenHub tree coming from the Project and Communications Department.

You might see them in the project collaborated with Ha Long women. You might collaborate with them to conduct the waste audit and compost in Phu Yen, and other activities.  Besides, you might have interacted with them via GreenHub’s posts on our Facebook Page.

Are you curious about them? What’s so special about these people? Do they have any story to share? Admittedly, each staff is a special leaf contributing to the growth of the GreenHub tree. Let’s take a look at their photo to know how they become the crucial parts of us.

Chi Ta Linh – Program Officer

Chi is a devoted individual with a bright smile and endless positive energy. She is an outstanding example of both perfectionist and sophisticate.

On witnessing the image of a boundary of waste mountains which is nearly broken, Chi felt an igniting flame in her mind leads her to devote her life in environmental career. With a tender heart, she together with GreenHub, tries the best to create a greener Vietnam.

Almost all Vietnamese families feel familiar with storing plastic bags in their house. However, in her family, there are a few plastic bags because they refuse to use these items and other single-use items Especially, Chi even radically rejected all plastic cups and plastic straws. Some people may call it “crazy”, but some others consider it inspiration, which her mom, her sister, and others consider switching their behaviors. 

Ha Nguyen Thu – Program Officer

With the smiling eyes, Thu Ha always gives out positive energy, great enthusiasm and a keen interest to learn new things.

The GreenTalk 2019 – an environmental contest held by GreenHub in 9/2019 is one of the most successful projects Ha has ever taken charge of, which required her a lot of effort and time. This serves as an outstanding milestone in Ha’s journey with GreenHub.

GreenHub grants its members the opportunities to learn new things, gain a deeper understanding of the environment and sharpen their skills at work. Thu Ha is the embodiment of the cultivated ripeness of the given opportunities.

Hung Nguyen – Program Officer

Hung considers GreenHub as a golden opportunity to recall his long-forgotten dream which is being a part of the NGOs world.

On the occasion of GreenHub’s anniversary, he wishes the organization more and more successful and inspiring projects. Besides, he also hopes that GreenHub’s positive impacts on the community will be more and more practical and specific.

Dear our partners and companions, please accompany make these wishes come true together!

Han Nguyen Bao – Program Officer

Han is an employee who makes GreenHub so proud. Beyond her expectation for a short-period engagement in GreenHub, she has been working together with GreenHub for more than 2 years so far. With an inquiring mind, she has never ceased to accumulate knowledge and experience. Undoubtedly, Han has now become a confident trainer who takes responsibility for youth empowerment in youth groups, women, businesses, etc.

Two years have gone by with vivid memories. One of the most prominent among those is her first business trip. The 7-day trip completely changed her goals and plans that there began a new journey of Han in GreenHub.

Bach Bui Doan – Program Officer

Bach took working in the environmental field up as a communication student because that was where he truly found gratifications.

Possessing hidden talents and great potential, Bach is amusingly called as an X factor of GreenHub. So, Can you guess what Bach wish for GreenHub?

Tien Pham Thuy – Communications Officer

Here’s what our lovely subscribers and followers have said about us.

Send you our love.

“GreenHub brings me opportunities to grow and experience trials which gives me a chance to understand myself. I now feel more confident in what I’m doing, especially in the green lifestyle and my future direction. I wish GreenHub will always stand firmly to tackle any sudden storm. There always be a space, a hub that inspires a community to live in harmony with nature. ”

Nga Le Vu Quynh – Communications Officer

Here’s what our lovely subscribers and followers have said about us.

Send you our love.

“In GreenHub, from even small to significant activities are sincere: sincere to work, sincere to love and sincere to share. Having opportunities with GreenHub to be “sincere” is a great and lucky chance for me. Wishing GreenHub will always be green and sustainable to support the community and create a greener Vietnam.”