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GreenTalk Competition

Environmental protection is the responsibility of everyone. To raise awareness of how the public can get involved, focusing specifically on youth engagement, GreenHub is running a series of activities on reducing plastic waste pollution.

As part of this, the Quang Ninh provincial delegation, in conjunction with Ha Long University and the Green Development Support Center (GreenHub) is organising an environmental speaking competition “GreenTalk – Voice of Nature.” This is an opportunity for contestants, especially young people, to share their personal views about the environment, focusing on stories about plastic waste. The contest will bring to life creative ideas, initiatives and actions to build a sustainable environment.

The competition was born from a desire to share how important it is to protect our environment and limit plastic waste. Indeed, in protecting the environment, we are also protecting human life. 

The competition is open to individuals who are 13 years and above and will be held in Quang Ninh province.

The contest will be held from September 21 2019 to October 30 2019 in three stages :

Stage One: “The Story Around Me.” September 18, 2019 to October 16 2019. Preliminary Round.

Stage Two: “I Take Action.” October 12, 2019 to October 9, 2019. Practical challenge.  

Stage Three (Final): “I Speak Up.” October 30, 2019.     

Candidates receiving training.

At each stage, the contestants will be able to express themselves in different ways. By participating in this event, candidates will have the opportunity grow as an individual and be involved in a wide range of experiences and . In addition to the chance to be announced champion and win awards, candidates can also participate in training courses, improve their oratory skills, practice theatre arts, learn from their peers and contribute to solving pressing social issues.

Accompanying candidates through the stages are advisors. The judges are prominent individuals with expertise in many different fields such as: government, social activism, environmental research, journalism and business.

For more information about the program, visit:

To register, please click on this link to attend:

For further questions or information on program implementation, please contact the GreenHub Program Officer: Nguyen Thu Ha | Phone: 0395914918|  Email: [email protected] .

The competition is held as part of the project, “Plastic Action Network (PAN) Waste Minimization” financed by Coca-Cola Global Fund.