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How did LSPP project and the children at the Dinh Quan Pagoda’s retreat learn about plastic?

Children are the pillars that create the future of the country. Therefore, helping children learn about plastics and use them properly is also how we prepare for a one-time plastic-free future, a greener and more beautiful future.

Children are the future pillars of our nation. Therefore, helping children learn about plastic and how to use them properly is a thorough preparation for a disposable plastic-free and greener future.

On June 24, at Dinh Quan pagoda in Bac Tu Liem district – one of LSPP project’s areas, the children had a very intriguing lesson about plastic and plastic waste. We wanted to deliver knowledge to children in the most understandable way. Let’s figure out how we had done that!

From multiple-choice questions about the environment, children chose the correct answer.

The project explained to the children the types of plastic, which plastic is safe, which plastic is not safe, which plastic is safe to use with food, or can be reused many times in an easy-to-understand way.

To make it more intuitive, the project prepared a set of 7 plastic objects so that the children can distinguish and understand them in the easiest way.

Children were free to express their thoughts about actions to protect the environment.