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How Do Young Citizens Perform Environmental Activities?

In Phu Yen province, there are lush green gardens growing on the campus that are planted with the hands of the teachers and students of the Phu Yen Ethnic Minority Boarding School. The special thing is that these flowers and vegetables are completely composted.

As part of the Vietnam Zero Waste project, with the effort to establish zero-waste school models initiated in September 2019, GreenHub has accompanied Phu Yen Ethnic Minority Boarding School’s teachers and students to implement the model of turning organic waste into compost.

Accordingly, the students also gain knowledge about waste audit, understand the impact of each individual on the environment when discharging a large amount of waste every day, join hands to find out a specific action plan in their own locality.

Let’s join with GreenHub to read the students’ sharing to better understand the feelings of the young people interested in environment in Phu Yen province!