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Phu Yen Zero Waste: Numbers lay the bulding foundation for a waste reduction model at the Ward 7 market

Following the pilot models at hotels and schools implemented in 2020, GreenHub aims to reduce 25% of the total amount of waste generated in Ward 7 (Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province) within the framework of Phu Yen Zero Waste project.

Ward 7 Market is the second largest residential market in the city, approximately 288 business households with diverse products: Vegetables, fruits (98 business households); meat (31 business households); seafood, fish grinding (23 business households); groceries, clothes, shoes (113 business households); food and beverage (22 business households); medicine, electrical appliances, hair perm (01 business household).

Ward 7 Market, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province

Along with a lot of essential products provided to residents and tourists in Ward 7, this residential market also generates a large amount of waste in business and tourism activities.

Let’s follow the outstanding numbers recorded in the market waste audit results in Ward 7 (from November 24 to 30, 2020):

Waste generated at Ward 7 market. Audit contents include: Brand, manufacturer. In which:

  • Organic waste accounted for 87.06% in weight and 42.64% in volume (about 305 kg/day, equivalent to 1073.6 liters/day); More than 80% of this organic waste is leftover vegetables and fruit and vegetable peels.
  • Plastic waste accounted for 9.88% in weight and 49.54% in volume. In which, plastic bags account for 66.38% of the total weight of plastic waste (equivalent to 41.74% of the total volume). In addition, foam waste ranked second in terms of weight with 20.83% of the total weight of plastic waste and accounted for the highest proportion in volume (43.50% of the audited plastic waste volume).
  • During the audit, the amount of foam waste collected was 1073.6 (liters/day), equivalent to 49.54% of the audited plastic waste volume.

Using these talking numbers, GreenHub is coordinating with local authorities and partner organizations to develop a waste classification plan in Ward 7 to enhance the ability to handle organic waste by composting method, and reduce the amount of unmanaged plastic waste released into the environment towards the goal of reducing solid waste generated at the Ward 7 market.

Let’s follow the path that GreenHub accompanies Phu Yen towards Zero Waste!