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[Recap] Plastic Classifight Week

Enthusiastically responding to Earth Day, Plastic Classifight was successfully held with a very warm reception from students inside and outside the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.  

Currently, Plastic Classifight has received: 

✨ 200+ Plastic Classifighters –  plastic classification participants

✨ 600+ photos in Website:…/plastic-classifight.html

✨ 700+ amount of plastic brought to the classification point

The Organizing Committee would like to thank the Faculty of International Communication and Culture (FICC), Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam for creating the favorable conditions for the event to run smoothly. We also want to express the most sincere thanks to Tagom, our companion, for their enthusiastic support during the event. In particular, Plastic Classifight would like to thank and appreciate all the positive contributions of the event participants in the past 5 days.

Your contribution is a very significant element of creating a green and sustainable lifestyle as well as reaching more people with positive things. GreenHub and Plastic Classifight would like to see you in other meaningful environmental protection activities!

Plastic Classifight campaign is an activity of the project Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution – LSPP that is sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID under the program of Local Works for Environmental Health implemented by GreenHub and its stakeholders. The campaign aims to raise awareness and change behavior of people in sorting and reusing plastic waste for a green lifestyle and sustainable environment.