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Training compost skills in barrel for students of Trung Yen Primary School

Recently, GreenHub cooperated with Trung Yen Primary School in (city) to organize a student training session on using compost bins for XXXX. With the aim of educating students about organic composting, this program has drawn the active participation of both students and teachers in the school.

In the training session, students were guided by GreenHub program staff on the organic composting process and then experienced it themselves in a “hands-on” way. Moreover, students also reviewed the reasons and steps in waste classification and were introduced to environmental protection issues. This activity has raised students’ awareness of environmental protection in their community and in their school.

Jointly with teachers, students were divided into teams in friendly competition, creating a positive atmosphere during the program. The enthusiasm shown in the school is a great motivation for GreenHub to develop and provide innovative environmental solutions in the local communities.

After the training session, the students expressed diverse perspectives and knowledge about the composting process. We hope that these modest but significant commitments will be the seeds to spread useful solutions to their local community.