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In a world where sustainability and environmental conservation have become more important than ever before, as the global population continues to grow, the impact of human activities on the environment is becoming increasingly apparent. It is crucial that we take action now to protect our planet, and this is exactly what the delegation from Can Gio district is striving to achieve. To bring new ideas and inspiration, GreenHub, USAID, and the Coca-Cola Foundation sponsored a study tour to explore sustainable and environmental conservation models in Da Nang and Hoi An for the Can Gio delegation.

During the four-day, three-night trip, the delegation had the opportunity to visit some locations where green models were being tested in the city. From a waste-free school to a plastic waste-reducing convenience store and market in Cam Le, the delegation was excited to see and hear about the implementation of each project with the creativity of the local government and the direction to innovate models that fit available resources.

One of the most inspiring visits for the delegation was to the Ton Duc Thang Elementary School – a school that implements a green model of plastic waste reduction. Here, the delegation learned about recycling activities and waste classification education for students, as well as the school’s creative communication with parents, allowing them to manage the amount of waste from book packaging, waste classification in each class, recycling milk cartons into exhibition models, and incorporating environmental awareness into teaching. This not only reduces the environmental impact of the school but also provides valuable education to students about the importance of sustainability. This is also a model that receives a lot of attention from most delegates attending because of its high applicability to the locality and the convenience of combining available resources.

Another highlight of the tour is the visit to Hanh Phuc Store – a retail store that sells sustainable and environmentally friendly products made from recycled materials. Hanh Phuc Store is a fresh start from conventional consumerism to green and sustainable consumption, while providing favorable conditions for economic development for disadvantaged workers. Delegates had the opportunity to speak with the store manager about the challenges and opportunities they face when operating a green business, and were deeply touched by the passion and dedication of the disadvantaged production team in the community who are still optimistic and love life with their high craftsmanship.

Throughout the tour, the delegates were constantly impressed by the passion and commitment of the experts and local managers they met. It is clear that these individuals are not only committed to protecting the environment but also have a positive impact on their communities. Throughout the tour, the delegation was full of energy and inspiration when visiting these models.

At the end of the field trip, the delegates participated in a working session to share their learning outcomes with other delegates. They presented new initiatives and ideas that could be implemented locally and the positive impacts that could be achieved through them. The delegates left the session feeling confident that they could make a real difference in their community and that the ideas they learned on the field trip could be meaningfully applied.

It can be said that the study tour in Da Nang and Hoi An was a new learning experience for the delegates from Can Gio district. It provided them with inspiration, new ideas, and a new sense of purpose. By exploring sustainable models and environmental conservation, the delegates were able to see firsthand the positive impacts that can be achieved when individuals and communities come together with determination to implement them. The delegates returned home with a renewed commitment to sustainability and a determination to make a positive difference in their community. What happens next in Can Gio’s story remains to be seen, so let’s stay tuned for new updates from GreenHub in the future!