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Webinar “Single-use plastic and its impacts on health”

On the morning of March 2, the webinar “Single-use plastic and its impacts on health” was successfully held via the online platform Zoom and attracted a lot of attention from the community.

At the webinar, we received valuable sharing from experts in the Plastic and Health Action Partnership (PHA) on the issue of disposable plastic waste pollution and its impact on human health and the environment.

Within the framework of the webinar, the member organizations of PHA also brought unique sharing drawn from the research process related to the consumption behaviour of single-use plastic products, intervention measures and policies. Therefore creating a foundation base for delegates to discuss initiatives and cooperation opportunities on communication events to change behaviour and advocate for policies to reduce single-use plastic.

“Plastic and Health Action Partnership was established, playing the role of connecting existing networks related to plastic waste in Vietnam in a common playing field with the participation of 20 related organizations/initiatives regarding plastic and health.”

Mr. Nguyen Trung Thang, Deputy Director of The Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment.

“Through this Workshop, we hope the stakeholders will have a comprehensive view of the impact of plastic waste pollution on health and the surrounding environment.”

Mr. Nguyen Duc Vinh – Secretary General of PHA.

“Communication plays an important role in raising public awareness about reducing plastic waste. Germany’s experience in building and organizing communication activities will hopefully be suggestions for parties, especially Vietnamese NGOs, in the coming time.”

Mr. Steffen Kaupp, Deputy Director of the Goethe-Institut.