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Duy Tan High School – “The beginning of change”

The waste audit of Phu Yen province halted at Duy Tan High School – the “Dream school” in Phu Yen with the most up-to-date equipment, facilities, and education systems in the province.

The school owns a campus of up to 7 hectares, as of 2021-2022, the number of students in the whole school reaches more than 2500 students. It is not surprising that every day here a huge amount of waste is generated.

Auditing activities at Duy Tan school had the enthusiastic participation of students and teachers. From the beginning until dark, the teachers of Duy Tan High School only left after completing the audit with their students and GreenHub. And everyone can’t help but be surprised by the amount of waste that is discharged every day, especially the styrofoam box – the most popular breakfast food container.

“It is true that during the audit we encountered many difficulties when with the number of 1500 students, the amount of waste that the school generates every day is very large, so we had to audit a large amount of waste. The garbage stinks, but we still manage to keep getting our work done.”

Sharing of Pham Nguyen Bao Ha – 11th grader, Duy Tan High School.

Through the above sharing, we can see that the Auditors of Duy Tan School have realized a large amount of waste their school is discharged into the environment every day and understand the difficulties of the collection waste units of Phu Yen province clearly.

Through the waste audit at 5 schools in Phu Yen province, awareness and knowledge about the waste problem have been gradually creeping into each individual participating in the audit of their own waste generated. We hope that from those experiences, the “auditors” can draw useful lessons about waste classification and realize the reality of waste where they study, thereby changing consumption habits, applying using appropriate solutions in learning and living to move towards a School Without Plastic Waste in Phu Yen.

The activity is included in the Action Plan No. 39 issued on October 18, 2021, between the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Education and Training, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature of Vietnam on implementing the model Zero Waste School in Phu Yen. GreenHub directly coordinates the implementation with the role of a technical consultant.