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E-motion – Ep 04 – Myths about using disposable plastic products

It’s well-known that the world is becoming awash with low-quality goods that we don’t give a second thought to. When we return from a vacation, we often leave behind food leftovers that we flush down the toilet or throw into containers and toss in the garbage. We’re continually tossing stuff away, whether it’s a single item or perhaps…everything. As a result, we’ve also created plastics, which take decades to biodegrade, making them harmful and poisonous trash since not only are they exceedingly challenging to break down. It was canceled, but the number has become so high that it’s mind-boggling. Reducing the quantity of plastic trash discharged into the environment is becoming more popular, and one current approach is the use of disposable plastic items. 

The two hosts exchanged anecdotes on how they initially became interested in going green: An frightening statistic, 90 percent, has been bandied around by newspapers and social media sites recently: plastic bags, plastic bottles, styrofoam boxes, and foam buoys are among the five most common forms of debris detected in the water. The number of media campaigns, teams, groups, clubs, and organizations promoting sustainable lifestyles is also rising. Changing our way of life also entails making sacrifices, and we ran across several horror tales when we first began practicing green and sustainable living. However, what will be covered in this podcast episode is how to utilize it to limit the effect of single-use plastic, whether it can replace plastic, and some fallacies about using alternatives with the label “environmentally friendly.”