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E-motion – EP 03 – When young people leave the city for the wilderness

This time around, we’ve brought a very special visitor – a man from the mountainous area who grew up in the suburbs of Da Lat, the city of flowers. Our subject for today’s episode, “When young people leave the city for the wilderness,” is well suited to this guest since he had vigorously traveled throughout the country to seek new experiences and opportunities. But after all, he decided to return to Da Lat – his hometown.

Mr. Vinh Cong described his childhood in a valley on the outskirts of Da Lat, one of the essential valleys for agricultural production: “I inherited the love of agriculture from my father, a mycological engineer, and also the one who initiated the first steps of the journey of large-scale agriculture, with many applications and innovations still being discovered. As a youngster, the family farm was a frequent stop for my father and me as he shared his agriculturalist dream. Those are the things that make me so inspired.” 

As he continues to discuss the issue of many young people who are fed up with living in a bustling city and want to return to their hometowns in the rural/ mountains area, Mr. Cong also provides some advice: “I believe that returning to nature and living close to nature is a need and a beneficial thing for everyone, including ourselves and the environment. However, it is also quite harmful if we do not clearly understand the nature of this shift, if only due to the stress, exhaustion, and industrial instability of a huge metropolis.” 

Listening to this podcast, you will get a more comprehensive understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of relocating to the countryside.