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Ethnic Minority Boarding School of Phu Yen: Waste area become Garden

In the Scientific seminar on the orientation to environmental protection in the socio-economic development process of Phu Yen, individuals and the Ethnic Minority Boarding School of Phu Yen has been honored by GreenHub and the Chairman of Phu Yen for their active engagement in environmental protection activities.

Chairman of Phu Yen Provincial People’s Committee and Director of Green Development Support Center – GreenHub presented flowers and certificates to individuals and groups of Phu Yen Ethnic Minority General School in Phu Yen Province.

By directly conducting waste audit, teachers and students of Ethnic Minority Boarding School of Phu Yen became more aware of environmental protection and waste management issue. The school also implemented the model of making use of organic waste to produce compost, resulting in organic fertilizer to enrich school garden’s soil. Beside, an environment club has been coined with the mission of leading the waste segregation and recycling at school. With GreenHub’s support, the pilot of zero waste school model has showed the determination of the Youth Union and the Environment club.

The compost model was implemented by students under the guidance and support of GreenHub since September 2019.

On the morning of November 8, 2019, experts attended the scientific seminar on environmental protection orientation in the socio-economic development of Phu Yen province. Information Ethnic Minority in Phu Yen. This is the venue providing practical information and data for the workshop through piloting a waste-free school model, participating in the Waste Audit program and other activities.

A delegation of experts from domestic and international organizations visited the model of Waste-free school at the Boarding School of Ethnic Minority People in Phu Yen Province

Pursuing the objective of “building Tuy Hoa city or Phu Yen zero wate areas,” school plays a major role in spreading and creating “Green Phu Yen.” With honor and encouragement from the Chairman of Phu Yen, GreenHub and other local and international organizations, hopefully, Ethnic Minority Boarding School of Phu Yen and the young generation of Phu Yen jointly act for a “Green Phu Yen.”