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For a Vietnam Zero Waste

Referring to the future, we often conceive of technology and modernity, but have you ever thought about the prospects of no plastic waste, when people and nature no longer have a headache with the problem of reducing plastic?

In order to live in that future we need to change today. To realize that future, we need to say goodbye to disposable plastic products such as balloons, cotton swabs, plastic bowls and dishes, plastic straws, bags, Styrofoam buoys, or filters cigarettes and a wide variety of other products. 

When we understand waste and waste classification, we can see how disposable plastic manipulates our lives. Although the journey to reduce waste and especially plastic waste is not easy, but not as impossible as it seems. That’s it, do not use disposable plastic, life is more and more happy.


Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance is a network of organizations and individuals who share a common interest in adopting a zero-waste lifestyle to better implement solid waste management, reduce plastic, and protect natural resources and environment in Vietnam. Members of the Alliance are non-profit organizations, government members, universities and businesses.


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