Open the brand waste

If every time we litter, we laugh and say it’s just a bag, or a package of chips thrown away after using. Imagine everyone says and does the same thing, how giant will be the amount of trash in this planet?

To reduce waste, firstly you must understand waste. Waste does not suddenly appear or disappear, most of the plastic pieces found are labeled. After collecting and synthesize data, Coca Cola, Pepsi and Nestle are the top three companies generating the most plastic waste in Vietnam. Followed by Vinamilk, ranked 4th in the top 10 companies but it is the domestic company with the highest amount of household and school waste.

Branded plastic fragments are found to originate from extremely popular products such as bottled water, canned milk, shampoo, instant noodles, cigarettes, etc.

VZWA wants to increase the responsibility of producers for their disposed products, promote cooperation between businesses and environmental organizations to find solutions to effectively reduce waste to the environment and lasting.

Don’t forget that every single action we take, even the smallest, has a huge impact on the environment, possibly from reading the waste report.

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Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance is a network of organizations and individuals who share a common interest in adopting a zero-waste lifestyle to better implement solid waste management, reduce plastic, and protect natural resources and environment in Vietnam. Members of the Alliance are non-profit organizations, government members, universities and businesses.


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