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GreenHub/GreenBays Project: Composting Organic Waste – An useful solution to Reduce and Recycle waste for households in Ha Long City

From household waste audit activities, in Ha Long city, the amount of organic waste collected accounts for a large proportion (over 50%) of the average amount of waste. In order to reduce the amount of waste to the environment, GreenHub organized an organic waste composting workshop in Ha Tu Ward, Ha Long City in October 2018. The purpose of this activity is to support the use of food waste to recycle to organic fertilizers in their gardening.

Ha Tu Ward which is the place to carry out activities of growing vegetables and flowers as a main source of livelihood.

Vegetable cultivation model of Ha Tu people.In October, the 29th, 2018, GreenHub organized an organic waste composting workshop for 17 households in Ha Tu Ward.

This activity has been well received by farmers because it has solved quite a lot of by-products in cultivation, contributing to raising the efficiency of agricultural production and creating organic fertilizers for cultivation. With on the job training and the theory, should attract the attention of people.

As a result, 100% of participants understand the process and know how to do it. The participants will be active propagators to others and scale up waste composting using micro-biotechnology.

After a one-week training session, households conducted organic waste composting, although organic fertilizer has not been done, the amount of waste discharged into the environment daily is very little. The amount of waste which is plastic bags, food packaging; organic waste collected by the households; recycled wastes (such as books, plastic bottles, cans, etc.) are collected and sold by the villagers as a fund for the Women Union. Especially, mollusk shell such as mussel shell and clamshell are burned to make lime in compost.

GreenHub intends to continue supporting the replication of organic composting models for households by the end of November so that households can see the results from these activities. GreenHub’s aspirations for these activities can be complementary to waste treatment and waste treatment processes, helping people gain insights and knowledge about the classification and waste treatment. At the same time, propagate to the local people the message “ INSTEAD OF THROWING WASTE, TAKE IT AS YOUR RESOURCE”

Photos in the training course

Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Vân – Deputy Director of GreenHub introduced about GreenHub and objectives of the training
Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Hòa – Expert on waste composting
Participants attentively study knowledge
Expert introduces biodegradable enzyme preparations


Knowledge exchange between households and the expert


The household garden in Ha Tu ward


Practice composting using bio-products.


Burning mussel and clamshell, … make lime for compost