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GreenHub/PAN project: Discussion about introducing, sharing, and consulting the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the Quang Ninh province and relevant provincial departments about the “PAN” project.

On October 10th, GreenHub had a meeting with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the representatives of relevant departments of the Quang Ninh province in order to introduce and share with them, the project “Building a network of activists on the reduction – reuse – recycling of plastic waste (3Rs) in Vietnam” (referred to as the PAN Project). Furthermore, locals were consulted about how to organize this project more effectively. The meeting was attended by representatives of Ha Long Bay Management Board, Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Construction, Department of Education and Training, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Science and Technology, Viet Long Joint Stock Company.

At the meeting, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang – Deputy Director of GreenHub and the project manager of PAN introduced GreenHub, the content and work experience related to waste management, the modules and activities of the PAN Project which will be implemented in rural areas. She also emphasized that GreenHub would like to hear the various opinions from the different departments in order to thoroughly and efficiently implement the project.

Mr. Pham Van Cuong – A representative of the Quang Ninh Department of Natural Resources and Environment, expressed his opinions about the support of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, about the reduction of plastic waste. He said that the project’s target is also the topic of the emulation movement that the ministry is working on. He suggested that it might be possible to connect the project with the Viet Long Joint Stock Company – which specialty is recycling plastic waste and they are located in Uong Bi city.

Mr. Do Tien Thanh – Deputy of the Natural Resources and Environment Department – Ha Long Bay Management Board said: “Basically, the project aims to reduce waste, and Bay Management is always ready to support.” He suggested GreenHub should design a specific plan to work together with the women’s union and the locals in order to effectively realize this project.

Mr. Le Quang Thang – A Representative of the Viet Long Joint Stock Company was discussing the project, and said he expected GreenHub to find many ideas on how to promote the output products of this project so that people can understand the project better. He is also willing to collaborate together with GreenHub on this project. “The project should be promoted soon, and if it is promoted and realized soon it will achieve efficiency.”Additionally, representatives of the Department of Education and Training and the  Department of Industry and Commerce offered their support and help in coordinating and promoting the activities for the project during its implementation.The meeting was a great chance to introduce the project to the relevant stakeholders and to inform them about the upcoming activities that need to be done. Additionally, the project’s procedures for the Quang Ninh province will be received soon.