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This year – 2023 is the 7 Year milestone of GreenHub’s operations, a journey full of challenges and hope, with many memorable actions, government and community and engagement and remarkable achievements. GreenHub organized a celebration to thank its Advisory Board, partners, friends of GreenHub and our GreenHubers, who have consistently worked to reduce plastic pollution, promote a Circular Economy, and promote sustainable livelihoods towards a “Zero-Waste” lifestyle.

Speaking at the event, GreenHub Director Tran Thi Hoa said: “We would like to express our gratitude to the members of the Advisory Board, partners and friends of GreenHub. The Advisory Board has always guided us in terms of vision and expertise. You are and also the ones who motivated us from the very beginning”. She also thanked partners who always supported, accompanied and shared with GreenHub their resources as volunteers from the Australian Volunteers International (AVI) programme, Vietnet-ICT who gave GreenHub the opportunity to participate in a very meaningful project.” Ms. Hoa stressed that GreenHub is looking forward to continued support and partnerships in the coming years.

Members of the Advisory Board also shared their thoughts. Boris Fabres, a GreenHub Board member noted: “For GreenHub to reach this milestone today, first of all thanks to the contribution of GreenHubers, who are very dedicated and hard-working, with their warm hearts and open-minds. GreenHub has worked hard and achieved a lot, but what matters is what happens after our work is over, and what changes we make in people’s behavior. If the behavior doesn’t change, everything will stay the same. That is the reason for the existence of GreenHub. We don’t exist for ourselves, but for everyone.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, Associate Professor of the Department of the Environment, University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University, and GreenHub Board member, also shared her enthusiasm: “I have followed GreenHub throughout the process of establishment and development. I really admire and appreciate what you have accomplished. Those achievements is not only encapsulated in the community of beneficiaries of the projects, but also has the power to spread to the community. What GreenHub does is more than numbers, it’s public awareness. When one person understands, there will be ten more people who understand. Keep continuing like that, we will have a more sustainable community.”

To have a GreenHub like today, there is also the contribution and support from foreign experts and volunteers. Mr. David Sharman Selvidge, Regional Director of Australian Volunteers International (AVI) in Vietnam said: “Seven years seems like a short time, but an organization like yours has made a lot of changes. We have been excited to work with GreenHub since the first day. We’ve been through the years together, even during COVID, we’re working closely with you. In working with GreenHub, we learn a lot from the experience. We look forward to continuing to support GreenHub and have more Australian volunteers join you in the future.”

With its efforts in the field of environmental protection, GreenHub also brings a lot of positive energy and inspiration to the community. Mr. Nguyen Duc Vinh, Director of STG Center for Research, Consulting and Training on Local Development, said: “GreenHubers always show passion and high commitment in their work. Working with GreenHub, we go from surprise to amazement at your passion and creativity. Many thanks to GreenHub for helping us to become partners in community development”.

As a long-time member of GreenHub, Ms. Le Thuy Linh, Administration and Human Resources Manager also expressed her pride in working in the organization: “Working at GreenHub, I realize that every year I have more and more interesting experiences. Participating in the projects with foreign funding, in particular, I feel that I have made a small contribution to improving the Vietnamese environment. I also learn a lot from the training sessions of partners, these give me the motivation to continue with my work.”

Over the years, GreenHub has had many staff changes, but all seem to be more mature in a dynamic, enthusiastic and creative working environment. Mai Trang, a young researcher of GreenHub, said: “My job is to coordinate content for the digital platform that GreenHub is developing towards improved solid waste management and reduced plastic pollution. Working at GreenHub for 2 years, I have had many experiences: there are things I have done well, there are also things that are not so good, but above all, I feel that I have matured and learned a lot about my profession as well as the way of thinking as an active environmentalist”.

Seven years isn’t too long, but it’s not too short either. GreenHub has gradually matured and grown stronger. It is hoped that the organization’s efforts will help people change their thinking and behavior to protect and improve the environment of Vietnam.