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Phu Yen Ethnic Minority Boarding High School – Waste Audit 2021

Returning to the first Zero Waste School of Phu Yen – Ethnic Minority Boarding School after nearly 4 years since the first waste audit, we were not surprised that 100% of students, after the audit, can understand and distinguish different types of waste and have full awareness of the importance of sorting waste at source… Moreover, with the core participants being members of the Environment Club, the “auditors” were proactive in their tasks and actively spread the spirit of green practice and the meaning of waste audit to their peers in the school as professional “environmentalists”!

As a pioneer and a companion of Ethnic Minority Boarding School since the first day, we are very proud and believe that the “Green Boarding” generation is progressively turning into “Green Warriors” who will join GreenHub and local authorities on their journey to Phu Yen Xanh!

“During the trash audit, I also came across a bag of fresh fish, making me feel uneasy while sorting waste, I believe we should segregate organic waste at the source.” According to Truong Tan Thanh – a student at Ethnic Minority Boarding High School, Phu Yen province.

The activity is included in the Action Plan No. 39 issued on October 18, 2021, between the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Education and Training, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature of Vietnam on implementing the model Zero Waste School in Phu Yen. GreenHub directly coordinates the implementation with the role of a technical consultant.