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North Tu Liem District Women’s Union organizes a campaign to reduce plastic pollution – RELEASE FISH WITHOUT NILON BAGS

On January 14, 2023, with the support of the Green Development Support Center (GreenHub) and Keep Vietnam Clean, the Women’s Union of North Tu Liem District held an event to promote the reduction of plastic waste on the occasion of Tết Ông Công Ông Táo. The event called Release Fish Without Plastic Bags took place in 10/13 wards in the district.

From January 11 to January 14, 2023, Women’s Unions in 10 wards actively propagated to people in the ward, by communicating through Facebook and Zalo residential groups, using loudspeakers, and talking directly with people at 29 fish stocking points throughout the district.

The campaign was a great success because these activities were replicated to ten wards and 29 fish releasing points throughout the area from one ward and one point last year. Nearly 100 members of the Women’s Union participated in the campaign, collecting nearly 300 kg of plastic waste from the fish release.

Many members participating in the campaign said that compared to last year, the number of people who do not throw plastic bags into water source when releasing fish has increased significantly. Some of them have been very creative when using buckets, pots and bowls, instead of plastic bags, to carry fish to the release point. It can be seen that the propaganda during the campaign had a good impact on people’s behavior.