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Officially cooperated with VSF in the program “We Connect for Green”

On July 6, Green Development Support Center (GreenHub) signed a memorandum of cooperation in the program “We Connect For Green” with the following activities: co-organizing a contest on plastic waste; organize communication campaigns, webinars, seminars on plastic waste; jointly organize and participate in seminars, symposiums and projects, participate in networking activities, exchange academic documents, etc. in the fields of:

  • Waste/Plastic waste management and harm to health
  • Communicating about reducing plastic waste through many forms
  • Plastic Waste and Health Action Network
  • Information center to share knowledge about plastic pollution and environmental protection
  • Other areas of expertise relevant to both parties
Greenhub x  Fund Vietnam Stature Foundation
Official cooperation in the program “We connect for Green”

Fund for Vietnamese Stature Foundation (VSF) is a non-profit organization established in 2014 with the goal of contributing to sustainable development, especially the goals of education, health and equity. and sustainable development. You can learn more about the Organization for  Vietnamese Stature Foundation here: 

Let’s follow the communication channels of GreenHub and the Foundation for Vietnamese Stature Foundation to not miss useful activities within this cooperation framework, especially the contest to find innovative media products “Plastic Talks – When Plastic Speaks” will start on July 15!