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Phenikaa students practice plastic classification at the recycling workshop

Responding to the wishes of Phenikaa students, GreenHub organized a Recycling Workshop on 2023, September 6, accompanying students in sharing knowledge and practicing on plastic classification in daily life.

At the Workshop, GreenHub shared about the classification and characteristics of 7 types of plastic; promoted interaction and practice through activities that help students learn about the time decomposition of each type of plastic. From then, students had a  better understanding of the process and time of plastic decomposition, contributing to raising their awareness of microplastics, which have a huge and long-term impact on the living environment and public health.

Moreover, students could also participate in group discussions and develop ideas for recycling and environmental protection. Many highly practical and applicable ideas not only contributed to making Phenikaa’s environment green and clean but also had great significance in building awareness and spreading green living behavior to everyone.

At the end of the Workshop, GreenHub received positive comments from Phenikaa students. With the common goal of protecting the environment, GreenHub hopes to cooperate with Phenikaa university to conduct many useful and interesting activities in the future.