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Workshop: Resource from waste & future stories come from you

Environment is a precious resource that we have and share, but are we really protecting and respecting it? Let’s stop for a while and think: What have we been contributing to protecting a cleaner, greener environment for future generations? Environmental challenges are becoming increasingly severe, and we cannot stay still! With the purpose of creating a healthy playground for young people to learn about the environment, Phenikaa University Youth Union and the Center for Supporting Green Development GreenHub have released a “handbook” of knowledge about environment named “RESOURCE FROM WASTE & FUTURE STORIES COME FROM YOU” 


09/06/2023 (𝟴𝗵𝟯𝟬-𝟭𝟬𝗵𝟭𝟱) – Speakers Anh Tho and Dieu Linh share how to apply plastic in life

09/06/2023 (13h-15h) – Speaker Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong gives a speech on how to reduce waste (expected)

Place: Phenikaa University Gymnasium (2nd floor, C1 block)

Registration form: 


– All students of Phenikaa University and new students K17.

– School officials, lecturers, and staff.

– Speakers, guests, partner units.

Chain of events:

– 09/28-05/2023: Open the registration link 

– 09/3/2023: Choose members, team up and disseminate plans

– 09/4/2023: Decorate and prepare for the workshop

– 09/6/2023: Organize Workshop.

– 09/10/2023: Recreate achievements at the school’s Club Day event.


– Raise awareness on the importance of plastic recycling in reducing waste and protecting the environment.

– Encourage students to participate in waste reduction activities, from collecting to creating innovative products from recycled materials.

– Explore creativity through recycling, turning unnecessary materials into useful products.

– Build a cohesive community, promote the exchange of ideas and interaction on environmental protection.

– Spread positive impact, change attitudes and behaviors of the whole community.


– Students will understand the importance of plastic recycling and have a positive attitude towards the use and recycling of plastic.

– Students will use recycling knowledge and skills to create innovative products.

– Students participate in environmental protection activities and develop green future thinking.

– The event will promote behavioral change and positive attitudes towards the use and recycling of plastic, spreading positive impacts in the community.

  Let’s register and join us to create a sustainable green future for our planet!