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Plastic bags account for more than 1/3 plastic waste in Vietnam

Did you know that plastic and plastic waste are threatening our lives and many other organisms under the name “white pollution”?

Do you think you’re out of this pollution? However, the report has shown that the average Vietnamese consumes more than one disposable plastic bag per day. If you learn carefully, you will be startled with the huge number of plastic bags being released into the environment and will continue to exist for hundreds of years to decompose.

Facing the increasingly serious situation of plastic waste pollution, there are localities in Vietnam taking the lead in refusing plastic bags. As in Cu Lao Cham, the people on this island say no to plastic bags, plastic cups and foil. This solution has made a difference for Cu Lao Cham and Ha Long. The amount of plastic waste per capita in Ha Long is 4 times higher than the data of Cu Lao Cham.

Each of us is aware of the dangers that plastic can bring, but few people dare to trade immediate convenience in exchange for long-term sustainability. Let’s join hands to protect the environment, waste audit reports will help you learn more about waste.


Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance is a network of organizations and individuals who share a common interest in adopting a zero-waste lifestyle to better implement solid waste management, reduce plastic, and protect natural resources and environment in Vietnam. Members of the Alliance are non-profit organizations, government members, universities and businesses.


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