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5R Rule – House Moving Congress

Spring arrived, Spring arrived,

Behold the House Cleaning Congress 2021

5R is back to rescue you guys!

5R Rule – House Moving Congress

When Tet comes to spring, the family gathers to prepare for the new year, GreenHub brings the “5R Rule” back and is more powerful than before. Applied to the “House-Cleaning Congress” days before Tet, the “5R Rule” will help people have a better view of waste treatment in the home and how to practice an effective green lifestyle best.

Let’s all repeat together to remember the following 5 words: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace. So let’s go clean the house with each R in turn!

Wasteful shopping
Garbage collection with plastic bags

Refuse to shop for fun, when it’s not necessary. When the house has not been cleaned and you buy more things, there is no place to put it-  just more to arrange, especially since it is easy to waste.

Refuse to dispose of garbage in plastic bags. Sorted items can be put in reusable cartons, or stowed into one place. The organic waste that people can compost and garbage that has to be thrown away is put in the trash instead of wrapping in large plastic bags waiting to get on the garbage truck.

Using electricity
Watch HD movies and livestream music

Reduce the need to turn on the lights throughout the house when cleaning. Chances are high that people will clean the house from room to room and forget to turn off the lights, turn off the fan, forget to unplug the unnecessary plugs and maybe cook something in the kitchen at the same time.

Save on watching movies, especially HD movies and music viewing. There have been studies showing that watching full HD movies and streaming music online will leave a lot of carbon footprints for the environment, so if you can, download music and don’t just watch  movies during Tet!

Save on buying new items before you move out. Because maybe you will reuse an item you already have but forgot about: for example, a peach tree decoration from last year.

as much as possible
Red Envelop

Reuse every tools as soon as possible when it’s still new and safe to reuse. From bottles, decorations, clothes and furniture, electronics,… within your household, think about whether you will use it or not in the future. If not, you can sell it, giving away or recycle it.

Reuse your Red Envelop! Your lucky Red envelop usually have a thin layer of plastic on its surface, which is no different than plastic waste once it ends up in landfill. We need Red envelop every year, so keep it because you can!

bottles, candy boxes, old clothes, cardboard,…

After the items do not meet the requirements for reuse, you transfer them to the “Recycling bin”. Shampoo bottles, cosmetics, beer and wine bottles, sandwich boxes, second-hand clothes, paperboards, cartons, etc. can all have a second life if you search for ideas online and create something new.

non-recyclable products with eco-friendly and energy-saving products

Finally, if you are buying new products, choose eco-friendly ones. A vicious cycle that repeats itself over and over again: buying non-recyclable plastic, not forgetting to throw it away but also not recycling it, then having to throw it away, and then having to buy something new that isn’t much better. Control your own carbon footprint starting with being smart customers.

The article belongs to the category Choosing a Way – sharing useful options and information to practice a green lifestyle in daily life, starting from small, persistent things.