Plastics and Health training for teachers at Trang An Primary School

On August 3, GreenHub had a training session on Plastics and Health for all teachers of Trang An Primary School. Through interesting activities and challenges, teachers at the school have learned more about the dangers of plastic, and how to distinguish and use plastics.

In particular, to help transfer knowledge to students more effectively, GreenHub accompanied the teachers in the challenge of building a curriculum on reducing waste, especially plastic waste in the school, including ways to communicate, creatively, and effectively integrate knowledge into classroom lectures.

At the end of the training session, with enthusiasm and excitement, teachers at Trang An Primary School together made commitments to reduce waste, especially plastic waste in families and schools with the hope to become inspirational examples for students, together building more environmentally responsible consumption habits.

The activity is organized within the scope of the project “Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution” (LSPP) sponsored by USAID under the program “Vietnam Local Works for Environmental Health”, implemented by GreenHub and 03 partners (ISPONRE, HUPH-VOHUN, GIMASYS).