Program to connect investors with Lao Cai businesses/ cooperatives

GreenHub’s representatives and investors toured cooperative models in four districts of Lao Cai between April 21 and 24, 2022.

Throughout the trip, investors got the chance to approach and directly connect with the business models of 12 Cooperatives/ Businesses and exchange company growth ideas based on their real experience and business model. When it came to working with the cooperatives and businesses, the investors had plenty of suggestions for how they should work together and support each one’s goals.

Ms Le Thi Thu, an individual investor, happily shared her feelings after a 3-day trip to Lao Cai province: “Sincerely thank GreenHub for giving me the opportunity to have a meaningful trip. Through the trip, I clearly felt the approach stemming from the enthusiasm as well as the desire to actually accompany the ethnic groups of GreenHub, the concerns of Mrs Van – Vice Director of GreenHub – when have yet to find the practical cooperation method for each cooperative and business. I also want to thank my very interesting new friends. Maybe we will have the opportunity to jointly establish an investment cooperative to create social impact in the future!”

On the side of cooperatives/businesses, Ms Tran Anh Xuan, representative of Sapa Secrets Cooperative, also happily confided: “I am very happy to see that you guys are very enthusiastic in advising my cooperative and I feel hopeful that investors can lend money to cooperatives”.

Some cooperatives/businesses under the project have had the opportunity to cooperate and receive loans from investors to continue to develop and replicate their business models. The total amount of money that investors support cooperatives borrows has now reached several hundred million dong through that visit.

GreenHub will continue to connect investors and offer the most suitable support options for each individual business and cooperative under the project in the future.