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Seminar “Water security for sustainable development in Vietnam” in 2020.

Workshop on “Water security for sustainable development in Vietnam” organized by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) in collaboration with relevant agencies on October 29, 2020 in Ha Noi. Cabinet, with the participation of delegates from many functional agencies, social organizations and partners of social organizations in Vietnam. Within the framework of the Workshop, GreenHub Deputy Director – Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang was invited to be the speaker in the sharing session “Water – Environment and Climate Change”. Ms. Trang gave a presentation on “Plastic pollution: Land, Rivers to Oceans – Current Status and Actions from Science to Policy”, focusing on the following topics:

  1. Current status of plastic waste pollution: Land, River to Ocean: practical figures on the status of plastic waste leaking into the environment, the largest amount of plastic waste found in quantity and volume during the developing process of marine plastic waste monitoring projects, implemented by GreenHub in cooperation with partners in 2018-2019.
  1. Policies from the government focus on the causes of plastic waste pollution and policies that have been and are expected to be implemented.
  1. Recommendations on actions that GreenHub is currently taking in Ha Long such as collecting and promoting plastic waste recycling, promoting recycling business initiatives, etc. 

During the Forum, participants discussed enthusiastically about assessing the current status of policies and laws on ensuring water sources and water supply, especially clean water sources for production and life. At the same time, it clearly outlines challenges, barriers, inadequacies and recommendations to improve policies and laws to ensure water security.

In addition, GreenHub and its partners also have a display table to introduce activities that have been and are being implemented, attracting the community’s attention to current environmental projects.

With the participation of many speakers who are leaders, scientists and experts, the presentations provide many experiences and initiatives in the fields of water security, water and health, and the legal environment promotes the social activities of organizations. These experiences and initiatives will contribute to the process of building a green and sustainable Vietnam.