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Starting steps for new events at phenikaa university

On the morning of February 23, GreenHub staff and lecturers of Phenikaa University surveyed the current state of facilities in the school and the location of the trash cans to prepare for upcoming events. This is one of many cooperation activities between Phenikaa and GreenHub after the official signing took place in January.

The facility survey had two main purposes. Firstly, through the survey, GreenHub learns about the school’s needs in applying the “Zero Waste School” model and determines the location of the current trash cans. This will be the basis for the implementation of garbage classification activities in the near future. The second purpose is to understand the habits of garbage disposal and the types of garbage that often appear, thereby creating a plan for waste reduction and recycling on the campus.

Phenikaa University is famous as a school with a green campus and clean environmental. This collaboration between GreenHub and Phenikaa focuses on building a uniform garbage classification model across the entire campus. This activity promises to help perfect the waste classification system to creating a clean, beautiful and convenient working, research and learning environment for the school’s staff, lecturers and students.