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ZHUB – Results of Experience Camp: “Zero Waste School and more”

On March 25, 2022,  ZHub’s Experience Camp: “Zero Waste School and more” took place at the Experimental School of Education Science (ESES) with the enthusiastic participation of nearly 1000 students, teachers, and school staff. 

The camp was held with the mission of mobilizing and raising school awareness about environmental preservation through “green practices” at 3 experience camps:

Garbage sorting camp: The students knew how to properly sort garbage through the game “We sort together”.

Paper-for-tree camp: The main activity at this camp is exchanging paper for trees and exchanging old clothes. The camp has collected 400kg of paper and 32 large boxes of clothes, equivalent to 2,240kg.

Composting Camp: The students experience composting from easy-to-find and seemingly discarded materials such as dried leaves, fruit peels, and root vegetables.

This is not only a useful playground for students but also a meaningful opportunity for them to exchange knowledge about a green lifestyle, create a connected ecosystem, and raise awareness of protecting the school environment, making small contributions for a good future!


The “Zero Waste School and more” experience was co-organized by GreenHub, Experimental School of Education Science, sponsored by H&M.