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Announcing “Plastic-19 Lockdown Challenge”

Vbiz Stars join hands for the Future

Are you ready to join us?

Participating 19 days challenge here:

The plastic has no fault, but by the way people using it. We are all aware of how harmful plastic waste impacts our lives. This issue has caused many events, and now we must have more practical actions.

As the old saying goes: Prevention is better than cure. We should reduce plastic consumption instead of looking for the solutions to deal with the consequences.The “19-day Challenge On Plastic Waste” will be the foundation to help you complete this mission gradually.

Accompany Unesco Vietnam & GreenHub is April Advertising JSC, I17 Event Solutions, Adam Muzic,Trinh Cong Son foundation and Vietnamese stars such as: Director Ngai Vo, Singer – Music Producer Nhuoc Quy, Musician Nguyen Van Chung, Singer Erik, Singer Ngoc Khue, Singer Ha Le, Singer Quoc Dai, Singer Kyo York, MC Anh Tho.

Specially, we have the permission from Musician Trinh Cong Son’s family to use the song “Moi Ngay Toi Chon Mot Niem Vui” to spread positive message to the community.

The “19-day Challenge On Plastic Waste” is expected to kick off on October 23, 2021. Don’t forget to follow the Fan Page to update interesting activities from UNESCO Vietnam and GreenHub. Together we protect this beautiful life.