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Kim Dong Primary School – The youngest auditors

Among the schools participating in the waste audit, the students of Kim Dong Primary School are the youngest warriors but are equally enthusiastic as other schools. The energy of the students seems to be endless when the audit time is inversely proportional to the age of only 9 – 10 years old.

Being bewildered at the first session of the activity did not prevent the students’ curiosity about the implementation process, as well as their excitement to learn about each amount of waste that they generate every day. Moreover, these child warriors also proposed having more useful activities like waste audits in the future so that they can have fun and learn about the environment at the same time.

In addition, with the characteristics of primary school students, most of the students have their parents buy breakfast before taking them to school, so the amount of waste generated is mainly plastic bags and foam boxes. However, through the waste audit process, the students became aware that the amount of styrofoam boxes generated every day is too much, and in order to reduce this number, the students have committed to encouraging their parents to bring the box from home when buying food or have breakfast at home before going to school.

Nguyen Minh, class 5C of Kim Dong Primary School revealed to GreenHub staff: “I often eat breakfast at home to reduce styrofoam boxes and disposable eating utensils as well as to ensure food hygiene and safety.”

The activity is included in the Action Plan No. 39 issued on October 18, 2021, between the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Education and Training, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature of Vietnam on implementing the model Zero Waste School in Phu Yen. GreenHub directly coordinates the implementation with the role of a technical consultant.