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Practice in reducing plastic and waste

In practice, people have been conscious of garbage classification. However, this is not evaluated well and it varies between provinces. People often use disposable plastic products in their daily life and usually tend to throw them away after use. Plastic waste reduction practices such as refusing to use, reusing, using environmentally friendly products…have been implemented but are not yet habitual in daily life.

🌿 Just over 40% of respondents said that they classify their waste as “Very Good” and “Good”;

🌿 83.3% and 54.2% of respondents use 1-4 plastic bags and plastic bottles daily;

🌿 Less than 10% of respondents carry out activities aimed at reducing the habitual use of single-use plastic;

🌿 About 50-70% of respondents intend to change the behavior of using single-use plastic products

➡ Reducing plastic waste is essential and needs everyone’s participation. And together, you can improve the knowledge of yourself and your family and friends by participating in environmental activities such as:

🌎 Participate in Environmental Speech Contest: GreenTalk 2021


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💡Talk: PLASTIC AND LIFE: Sharing the problems of plastic waste, its effects on human life and health, the speakers will also share about GreenHub’s activities in the field of plastic waste.

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– Time: 14h-17h30, March 19, 2021 (Friday)

– Location: Goethe-Institut, Multipurpose Room, 56-58-60 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

The data is based on the survey results of 558 subjects, including 347 subjects in 4 project areas: Hanoi, Ha Long, Da Nang and Hoi An and 211 respondents to a semi-structured questionnaire that was shared online.